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Socialpedia is your personal online guide to Social Networks on the world wide web. Not only can you find a vast array of websites, you can also learn what each website is about and read about their history without ever leaving Socialpedia.

We offer free membership exclusively to social network website owners and their employees. Currently, there is no membership available to the general public.

Anyone can use the site to perform a comprehensive search for specific social networks or you can even list them either by category or alphabetically all just by the click of a mouse. Also, you can freely participate in our online Polls, Vote to choose your Favorite Social Network and even give your favorite a star rating from one to five.

Want more? You got it! How about events? Check out the Events Calendar and see what's happening around the social web, who's hosting them, how and if YOU can attend or participate, and which events are the most popular. And if you find an event you'd like to attend, let the world know and vote for it by clicking on the associated button.

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