Hope Deferred: Narratives of Zimbabwean Lives

Join the editors of Hope Deferred and Stanford faculty members as they explore the power of narration to make human rights claims.

The editors will recount true stories told by Zimbabweans about losing their homes, land, livelihoods, and families as a direct result of political violence. Panelists will discuss the editors’ goals in publishing the book and the role of story- telling in raising awareness and improving human rights.

Hope Deferred is the first public event of Human Well-Being and Human Rights, a 2010/2011 series that will explore human- istic conceptions of human well-being that underlie definitions of, and policy responses to, human rights.

This event is co-sponsored by the Stanford Humanities Center and is open to the public. For information on upcoming events, go to: humanrights.stanford.edu/events.
25-Nov-2010 04:30:00 To: 25-Nov-2010 04:30:00
Levinthal Hall Humanities Center 424 Santa Teresa Street Stanford University Stanford
Conference / Symposium
(650) 723-4610
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